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03-08-2016, 12:12 PM
Guys CV= curriculum vitae = description about your self : name,age ,hobby,skills ,photo,nationality etc

Hello dear friends, as I said I will host some event with lovely prize..so here we go

All you must to do : create your best CV to "employ " in infinitymu community

Use real information about ur self/county/age/game ign
- why u think cuz you are able to join infinity
Publish in CV picture from real life ( if u are shy I accept face edit in photo)
Not allowed joker entry
No insult /harassment
Don't reply to these thread if u don't join
Post delete not allowed,just edit
Everyone can join

There will be 3 place with donate prize (dunno value ..or it's surprise? :d )

Winners will be chosen by a staff member, depending about ur CV

Event from 08/03/2016. Till 13/03/2016

03-08-2016, 01:48 PM
Dude can you explain me what CV is?

03-08-2016, 01:54 PM
Guys CV= curriculum vitae = description about your self : name,age ,hobby,skills ,photo,nationality etc

03-08-2016, 02:15 PM
Full Name: Angel David Boadas Guerra
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: 1998/08/11
Civil Status: In a Relationship
Location: Los Robles, Nueva Esparta
Nationality: Venezuelan
E-mail:[email protected]
Hobbies: Play InfinityMu 100x edition and Study Administration.
Languages: Spanish and English (Moderate)
Education: Currently Studying ( Administration) at UDO (Nueva Esparta)
Interests : Spend time with my family, friends and girlfriend.

Date: 2015/09/12
Training Institution: U.E "Independence"
Degree: Bachelor of Science

Date: 2014/04/25
Company: TeaCirMargarita C.A
Activity Developed: Recreator

Languages: English (moderate) and Spanish
Computer skills: Basics manuals about computer science
Skills: Speed in computers, drafting documents.
Education: Bachelor 1st Semester Administration

Date join: December2012
Server's: 999X and 100x Edition
Main character: [A]ngel
Guild: Heaven

I have long playing this mu approximately more than 4 years, I have helped many who are great players, many emotions encounter with this game, I played mu since I was Child (10 years old) to my MU is my favorite social network. so I'm good for this job.

My in RealLIFE.

My GirlFriend And me :3

Los Robles; 2016/03/08

03-08-2016, 03:31 PM
- Name: John
- Gender: Male
- Occupation: Temporarily unemployed
- Date of Birth: 1990/03/27 (26 age)
- Email: Closed due to security reasons
- Localization: Minsk, Republic Belarus
- Time zone: +3 GTM
- To contact me: Skype - wowlike8
- Nationality: Russian
- Language: Russian, Bulgarian, English, Romanian
- Education: Belarusian State University
- Hobby: I like to play in football(soccer) and to collect magnets =)
- Civil status: Bachelor
- Skills: Good with computers, software and computer technology, Handyman(Сan drive a nail and make soup) =)
- My photo:

- Date join: 2013/02/
- Server's: only x100
- Major character: 4eJloBek
- Guild: HiTnRuN

- I think - brevity is the soul of wit
- Familiar with MU 8-9 years
- I am active everiday in Forum and Game
- I am loyal member of infinity
- I am friendly, helpful, trustable
- Willing to become a part of the team and help to players
- Know the server and the server knows me
- Fast learn
- I know what i want and what need to do
- I have a sense of humor

Regards - 4eJloBek

03-08-2016, 07:11 PM
Why am I good to get this job?
I am an active player also I'm good with people, Fast learn also I don't like to break rules but sometimes we need justice, we need more GM's who speak spanish to make events about America or South America, not everything is in Europe guys.
I'm loyal to my friends and this server, Oct - 2009 that's the date when I joined to this family.
Best wishes, Razyel.

03-08-2016, 07:27 PM
Name: Leonardo
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bussines Management
Date of Birth: 1996/02/12
Civil Status: In a Relationship
Location: Cabimas, Zulia
Nationality: Venezuelan
Hobbies: Play InfinityMu 100x edition, Play videogames,Watch documentaries, Gym
Skills: Good with Computers, Business Man
Languages: Spanish and English
Education: Currently Studying ( Administration) at Zulia's College
Interests: First of all spend time with family more important people in my life, obviously spend time with my girlfriend, have some beers with friends and play some Fifa :D

About My InfinityMU Experience
Join Date: 2009/10
Servers: 100x and 9999x
Main Character: Vegh
Guild: NoMercy (Fatality Alliance)

Why Am I Good for this Job?
I am loyal to this server, i have been playing here for 5 years and lot of people know me, I am friendly and helpful too, i always help players who are news in server.

My Photo:


03-08-2016, 08:28 PM
__________________________________________________ ____

Name: Leiker Jimenez
Gender: Male
Occupation: student
Date of Birth: 02/08/1999
Civil status: Bachelor
Location: Cabimas, Zulia
Nationality: Venezuelan
Hobbies: InfinityMu100x edition, Clash of Clan, Boom Beach and Gunz
Skills: I'm good at creating games online
Languages: Spanish and English
Education: My goal is to study Engineering
Interests: Have a family and work honestly
Skype: Leikerjjb1
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/leiker.jimenez.77
Institute: Ana Maria Campos
Degree: 5to year

About My InfinityMU Experience
__________________________________________________ ____

Join Date: 2009/11
Servers: 100x and 9999x
Main Character: #[L]eiker., CAVEAT.
Guild: DEMONS (DEMONS Alliance)

Why Am I Good for this Job?
__________________________________________________ ____

Maybe everybody knows me for being bad, because I can be good for this job because I have time playing the server, and I have experience

__________________________________________________ ____


My twin



03-08-2016, 08:49 PM
Personal Dates:
IGN: [S]kippi
Name : Alexandru Herghelegiu
Civil status: Married
Date Of Birth : 1992/11/15
Nationality: Romanian
Contact Dates :
Facebook :ScarFacee Alx
Skype :skippinel1
Professional Experience
climber : 2011-2014
Tyre Fitting: 2014 - till present
Foreign Languages:
English : medium
I like to spend my time with my family and my friends ..in rest i like to enjoy the grill :D

And here it`s a picture with me in real life :D


03-08-2016, 09:25 PM
Name: Olga
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1993/06/07
Location: Riga, Latvia
Nationality: Latvian
IGN: alienbrain

09/2014 – now
Occupation: Cartographer
Institution: University of Latvia

08/2015 – 09/2015
Occupation: Assistant archaeologist
Institution: Russian Geographical Society

04/2015 – 05/2015
Occupation: Assistant hydrologist
Institution: Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre

09/2015 – now
Degree: Master’s degree in geography
Institution: University of Latvia

09/2012 – 06/2015
Degree: Bachelor’s degree in geography
Institution: University of Latvia

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English
Additional education: Youth sports school (Volleyball diploma)

I love to travel and see other cultures, meet new people. My favorite thing on Earth are mountains. I’m addicted to cats, but unfortunately don’t have one. I would marry pizza if I could. My biggest wish in life is to climb Mount Everest as well as to find dinosaur’s bone or pirate treasure box. ^^

Unlike you all, I joined this community only 2 month ago. In that period I had fun and sad times, met so many cool people here. This game made some kind of addiction and I can’t imagine my day without entering it, especially joining the events. So basically the main reasons why am I able to join this job – I love crazy ideas, have fresh mind and I am open to new adventures. This would be great challenge for me! Let’s have fun!
P.S. Girl power!


03-08-2016, 09:31 PM
First of all ..... Hello mates :P

Personal Dates:
Gender: Male
Name : Tipa Ion ( friends call me jhon )
Civil status: Single ....but not for long time :D
Date Of Birth : 14-09-1988
Nationality: Romanian
Contact Dates : private :D
Professional Experience :
Foreign Languages:
English : medium ....and some bad words in many languages :D
Hobby :
This is a long list .....i have lots of hobbyes ...
- Music i think is first ......music makes me free ....
-Traveling is second .....my job requires lots of traveling :D
-Swimming is third .....i enjoy summer ......i`m a good swimmer :)

About My InfinityMU Experience :
I come here at 1 friend insistence and i`m still here :)
Join Date: maybe 3 months ago
Servers: 100x
Main Character: Justaboy / Iris ( i love the elf )
Guild: Fearless (Templars Alliance) ....... my first and i think the last guild on this server ....

Why am I good to get this job?

i never say i`m good to anything .....i always ask others abaut 1 person .....not ask him : why u are good for this ? :D
Just my opinion .....in a few words i am a good man .....no hate ....

All the best from Justaboy :)

03-10-2016, 11:45 AM

Full Name: Jay T. Rivera
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: November 29, 1993
Civil Status: In a Relationship
Location: San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
IGN: Draconium


Highschool Graduate - March 30, 2010
Institution: Infant Jesus Learning Center

College Degree - Currently on my 5th year, taking Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy - 2016
Institution: Angeles University Foundation

What is BS Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists (PTs) are health care professionals who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the very oldest, who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

PTs examine each individual and develop a plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. In addition, PTs work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness- and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

Physical therapists provide care for people in a variety of settings, including hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, schools, sports and fitness facilities, work settings, and nursing homes. State licensure is required in each state in which a physical therapist practices.


1. Magalang Community Based Rehabilitation (2 months)
2. Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center (1 month)
3. Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (1 month)
4. Angeles Unviersity Educational Rotation as a Medical Professor (1 month)
5. Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc. (1 month)
6. Veteran's Memorial Hospital (1 month)
7. Summit Wellness Center (1 month)
8. Philippine Orthopedic Center (2 months)

Pinning Ceremony Picture with my Dad during my 4th Year as a BSPT Student:


Languages: Filipino (1st Language), English (2nd Language,expert), Pampango (3rd and Native language)

Sports: Formerly a Gold Medalist on Taekwondo, Plays Basketball on Amateur Leagues, Plays Badminton, Formerly a varsity on freestyle swimming, 10k finisher at Milo Marathon


Server's: 999x Edition and 100x Edition
Date Joined: February 12,2014 in High XP and April 13, 2014 on 100x Edition
Main character: Draconium
Guild: Imperials (Guild Master)


I have been playing MU online for the past 10 yeas now and I'm currently a member here at InfinityMU for 2 years now. This has been the most stable server that I have seen with lots of active players, not only the staffs are dedicated to the community but the Admin as well. I came to High XP with a strong personality and with that behaviour I made a lot of mistakes, I knew I had to do something to make things change and so I did. I was able to redeem my self through the help of our Admin as I was promoted as a Supporter and months after that I was promoted as a Test Moderator and after 2 weeks I was promoted as a full time Moderator at High XP. I resigned as a moderator a month after that since I became busy with my internship and would not be able to perform my task as a staff and became a Legend but was removed after and came back as a VIP.

From there I dedicated my self to 100x edition since in here I was able to help the community since it's a bit less busy compared to High XP. I was promoted as a Supporter after 1 or 2 months and was able to perform my task here for at least 2-3 months. I was offered twice times by Jero to join the Game Masters Team, that was one of the most epic day of my life, to get an invitation to join the most prestigious team here in InfinityMU. Unfortunately, I have to turn him down with a a heavy heart since I was still busy and would not be able to perform the task of a GM. Nevertheless, I continued my Job as a supporter and after that resigned as a Supporter to fulfill my Job as a Physical Therapy student. Now I am partially back since I was able to find and play during my spare time.

Here is an SS of one of the PM of our Former High Game Master Jero to me:


Me in real life

Me with Le Girlfriend

Hope all of you guys enjoyed my CV entry.
Thank you for reading.


03-11-2016, 12:42 AM
Name: Seweryn Kołtun
Gender: Male
Occupation: Soldier
Date of Birth: 1996/09/03
Civil Status: Singiel
Location: Jastrzębie Zdrуj
Nationality: Poland
Hobbies: Play InfinityMu 100x edition, Listen Music, Create graphics, meets with friends, photography
Skills: Good contact with people, Good in computers
Languages: Polish, English, Russian, French
Education: Military Highschool
Interests: I like history and Second World War. I love militaries and i would love to defend my country. I like meets with my friends, and i love football.

Facebook: Seweryn Kołtun
Phone Number: +48 508 526 212

About My InfinityMU Experience
Join Date: 2015/06
Servers: 100x and 9999x
Main Character: Nokrad
Guild: TheTeam

Why Am I Good for this Job?
I am loyal to this server, i always try to help other players and i have good contact with poeple. I speak in english very good. I can make some changes in all.

My photography:

03-11-2016, 02:50 PM
Well here is and my autobiography :)

Personal information

Name: Veselin Marinov
Age: 24 ( Born on 24,12,1991)
Weight: 110
Height: 191
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, Greeck( in progres )
Location: Bulgaria,Sofia
Hobbies: Play TT(table tennis),basketball,listen good music
Interests: Knifes,rock climbing,actual hunting,travel in my country
In game nick: DOSS, TrezaN


I graduate high school at 24.06.2010 with average grade 4.51 of 6
Specialty - Informatics, profile: Nature Mathematics Science
College Degree - i graduate last year ( 2015 ) with average grade 5.88 of 6
Speciality - Tax and customs intermediary, Profile: Customs and Tax Administration.

Work Experience

*From 2008 till 2010 i worket as a woodcutter.
*As second job at the time i had warehouse worker (2008-2011)
*From 2011 till 2014 i worked as a personal guard.
*And sens 12.2014 till now i work as a carpenter
*From years i had few more works like: driver,seller,mechanic ... but only for 2-3 weeks.

My history in 100x

I start play here around 02.2014.Sadly i can not remember the name of my first guild, but the guild master was my good friend Sandza.After few weeks i already had my first max character, so i start join Castle Siege to support my guild.Days become weeks, weeks-months and after around 5 months me and few friends decide to create our own alliance- EMPIRE.
We won few times Castle Siege for short time, but sadly our sealer had to leave the game ( personal stuff) so we decide to join ShowDown.Was a few good months till Gayzord(#Blaste(R)) decide to leave also... So i end up in Templars -1 of 5 guild masters.Unfortunately current ally master of Templars( Vendetta) was on his way to leave 100x.So he start teach me and Arnis how to seal and act like ally guild masters.Day by day we kick everyone bamboocha ... but sadly the day of Vendetta to leave us came. Big party,fights,sex and many grazy things i will not go in details.So i end up like a co-ally guild master for few months.Meanwhile i become a Game Master in this same server.Time passed almost imperceptibly and 5 months was like a blink of an eye.Sadly my time to leave was came- so i left for same time.
After few months finaly i had time to came back and recreate what was lost.So Arnis,naPmu3aH,Svaiker and me decide to create the best alliance this earth ever seens TheSquad.Tons of good memories,fights,fun,friends,victoryes ... sadly everything good must end one day.And this end when they left...
Then i become Game Master once again... and you know the rest :D

I will upload SS of me when i find one :D

Hope you like my boring life story ( its short version of it )

And we Bulgarians love to say with health and cheers!!

03-11-2016, 07:42 PM


<PHOTOS (https://www.facebook.com/DeadPC/photos)>

03-12-2016, 03:12 PM
Full Name: Andrйs Josй Gonzбlez Coba.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Medical Doctor (M.D.)
Date of Birth: 1992/08/16
Age: 23 years.
Civil Status: Single (In a relationship).
Location: Medellin, Antioquia.
Nationality: Colombian.
E-mail: [email protected]
-Twitter as andresjgonzalezc
-Instagram as andrsjgonzalezc

Secondary school: Sagrado Corazуn School - From 1998 to 2009.
College: Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia): From 2010 to 2016.
-Degree: Medical Doctor & Surgeon (Distinguished student, Average 4.4/5).
Current course: Master's degree in Epidemiology (Will begin in July/2016).

-Speaking: High.
-Reading: High.
-Writting: High.
-Listening: High.
English: TOEFL score 105/120 (International approved scored >79)
-Speaking: 25/30 (High).
-Writting: 26/30 (High).
-Reading: 27/30 (High).
-Listening: 27/30 (High).

Fields: Infectious diseases, Pulmonology.
Gonzбlez-Coba A. et al.Clinical and prognostic characteristics of patients that require hospitalization due to Chikunguya virus infection in Colombia. 2015. Under publication.
-Presented in Spanish congress of Infectious diseases - Sevilla (2015).
-Winning award as best investigation work of Congress of Internal Medicine in Universidad del Norte. (2015).
Gonzбlez-Coba A. et al. Clinical variables of Bacteriemic infections due to resistant microorganism. Multicenter, Prospective study (2015-X).
Jaimes, D. Daccarett, W. Dominguez, S. Gonzбlez, A. Clinical variables and its consequences in hospitalization of patients with COPD exacerbations. 2016. Prospective study.

Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital (IV level of complexitiy care) Since December/2015.

Soccer, classic history, reading books of classical literature (Last book read: Divine comedy by Dante).
Technology fan, Apple fan, Lamy fan.

Will study Internal Medicine, and then make a fellowship in Pulmonology & Critical Care, finally a PhD in Medicine.
Continue with ongoing research to improve our knowledge of world medicine.

Servers: Infinity mu 100 - 9999x.
Join Date ingame: November 2010 (9999x) - December 2010 (2010).
Join date forum: January 2011 (100 - 9999x)
Ingame name: Vendetta.
Guild: Council & Templars.

I remenber I was just a kid starting my first year of medical school, so I didn't have many expectations or future about a game, just arrived here through some top I can't recall, but then I went into a journey I won't ever forget, I remenber I started as a BM with no friends, just a simple guy, then suddenly meet pekausis (he wasnt GM) which gave a event of H & S and I got an exc rune blade, therefore it was the most awesome stuff I had seen, so I created MG named Vendetta, later after training hard at lt7 & atlans 2 I met SubZero, which helped me to reach to one of the best persons I've met here, and he was named AquaticTM by then, and he was Council's Guild master, and that was how this story begun.

Time passed and AquaticTM, SubZero became strong and good friends, so our guild kept growing, getting members as JantX, DonBlaze, Lidye, LaPastilla, Sux2BU, WishMaster, Alin(AliensRO) and others I might regret in the future for not mentioning and we decided to go into our 1st Castle Siege, it was a whole mess, we weren't prepared to face Deathrow & Savalan yet, so we needed to get reinforcements, and JantX & AquaticTM managed to get BestKing or know as Satellite, our greatest sealer and someone I wanted to follow as example, after some time and winning 4 CSs with Council in row and we got another good member BornBaD, we knew we couldn't have a SM as lead master anymore, so ally was rebuilt and that's how Templars were born by the lead of JantX.

Holding the name of Templars, we managed to reach epic records, we won 17 CSs in a row with the hand of 2 legends of this legacy: Messy & RevolutioN, by then, we had a crisis, and I decided to leave Templars, to join MrHate & DonBlaze in BlackOut against Templars, and we took their castle, but I realized I wasn't feeling at home, so I came back to Templars, and I had made other remarkable players & friends by then as: Patrick, Sandza, Arnis, Codeloner. And Patrick was my best friend ingame by then.

Somehow we had a fight with Alin, and he went with his romanian members to create eoLithic, a really good alliance, so we had xtreme battles with them, at last they disbanded for personal differences between their members, and that was how FETiH was born, and our 1st dark period, FETiH won 7 CSs in a row, they were using SH to seal and to kill our switchers and bugging stats, but we didn't know it, and before that, Satellite abandoned us, and I didnt know what to do, since Aqua quitted, Messy & RevolutioN quitted and everything I had was Templars with Patrick.

Next period is: Azeris reached InfinityMu, and that's how is summarized, Savalan returned to game and he was & is a really good leader, he managed to take FETiH down, and to share CS, between a couple of Azeri allies and us and I remenber the impressive skills that abnormal GM had at sealing which I cant remenber name atm, I was amused, and still Patrick & I were struggling to keep alliance alive, but Savalan was supporting us.

Suddenly when everything was going good, Savalan decided to leave, and we decided to make Patrick as GM, and we moved on, im not going to lie, I managed to get a SH which I never used and later gave to resi to block it, and shared it with patrick, I guess if this wouldn't have happened we would still be friends, and a good ones. And to mention that Patrick brough his friends from school, who were really nice, special mention to DarkG.

Later on, Patrick went inactive and removed him from GM possition to make Lucian (Deniz) as Guild master, another of our greatest guild master, which won 10 CSs in a row against Savalan's new army named Reborn, and by then I had other exceptional warriors by my side as: OuTBlasT, Hetzzer, Jose (chikita) and Carlos, so we kept moving on, but I felt empty at the begining, since I was feeling mostly alone in the guild, but I made good friendship with those mentioned above.

Later, we found out, there were no enemy allies to play CS with, so Templars splitted in 3 suballies:Templars, ShowDown & Legends and after many sieges of battles, Patrick returned with strong pathway: Fatality, and InfinityMU 100x dualism begun: Templars or Fatality holding the castle, we kinda were taking turns, there wasn't any of the both guilds dominating, and new players arrived: Vietnamese & Pinoys were growing aswell as Romanians.

After all this time Alin, returned and brough iHero, and I got to join CedrickBM as part of my guild, Sandza managed to grow as a player, same as Arnis, and Deniz and I became really good friends through all this time, even beyond game, and I know he betrayed his own friends, to play with me, and I will always be grateful with you, cuz you taught me how to seal, and that wasn't one of the things I wanted to do before I quitted game.

Later on Savalan decided to be part of Templars after all our battles, and a new project started along Alin & Alastair & Arnis, we were allowed to get so good members as DOSS plus bulgarians, we seemed unstopabble, but when our peak was reached, I had to leave, and then I left on charge Doss & Arnis, but a twist of decisions, made me release him, and also I lost most of good friends ingame and that was how TheSquad was born (I still consider them good friends, is just a game, but I won't ever forget the persons I've met here). Game continued with so many alliances created and disbanded, being supported by Gordo.

At last Heaven became the great enemy and owner of the game, I wasn't able to fullfil my duties as leading, because I moved to my current city and I dont have computer with windows, so I basically play on friend's laptops randomly. Still it wasn't a reason for me to completely leave. This is the best server I could have arrived, and I am glad, I am still here after these years.

My special thx, to Deniz, Alin, Sandza, Arnis, Lidye, Gordo, Carlos, Cedrick, Void, Asder, Hetzzer, LordVaako, Enrico, Chimpa, Certain, Hetzzer, AquaticTM, Messy, RevolutioN Janno, Abatt, BornBaD, Satellite, Patrick, OuTBlasT, Savalan, Yamer, True, Generalu, iHero, Alastair, Roxhane, Angel, Kruuzs, Doss, Martoy, and everyone that I've forgotten I feel sorry, but all of you are part of my heart & memories I won't ever forget.

Thank you Aqua, I will always be grateful to you, someday I hope to meet you, you made me love this game, hope you read someday these words.

I have played since the server was opened, and im one of the oldest & most experienced players of this server.
I have been part of Game Master team for 7 times (I was the first player to become Game Master of the server).
My loyalty is 100% pure to the server, even in the hardest scenarios, I've always been here.
Im devoted to help grow my community.

"If you and I each have 1 apple, and exchange them, we will still have 1 apple for each us, but if you and I exchange one idea, we will have two ideas". Bernard Shaw.
"Dont connect the dots looking forward, connect the dots by looking backwards". Steve Jobs.

Newest Picture: At the Adult Intesive Care Unit (ICU), around 4 AM, wasted as fck :D

With my GF, out in a night, with my eyes looking so drunk :D

Out in a dinner.

More with my lady.

one more sooner :D

03-12-2016, 10:27 PM
1 day left guys :D

03-13-2016, 01:14 PM
Event has reached its deadline. Winners are announced in this thread (http://forums.infinitymuonline.com/showthread.php?11083-Info-Prize-Infinity-CV-event)
Congratulations to the winners!