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InfinityMU Forum Rules

- No abusive or foul language: Insulting our members is not an option here, solve your personal problems via skype or msn, any member that breaks this rule can end up being banned.

- No spam: Short posts like "hahaha" "ok " are considered spam, try to give your opinion about the topic created and don't post non senses just to increase the number of your posts.

- No advertising: Advertising other servers/games is the most grave violation you can do, in case you break this rule, your account will be banned permanently.

- No marketing: You will not sell or buy anything that is not approved by Infinity Mu 100x Edition. Promotion of your products or services will end up with permanent ban on your account.

- No pornography/racism: Singnatures, avatars, images or links posted in our forum/chatbox containing pornography, racism or discrimination will be removed and the member who breaks this rule can get banned.

- Multiple accounts: There is no reason to have more than one account in our forums, we check IPs daily. If you play in an internet cafe with other players, you won't abuse the power of having more than one account, spamming, faking Thanks to increase the number of itself or insulting members with different accounts is not allowed, all your accounts can end up with a ban.

- Post in the proper section of the forum: If you're unsure where to post, use the General Mu Discussion, a moderator will know where to move it.

- Search: Use search before asking questions that may already be answered.

- No doubleposting: Doubleposting is not allowed in our forums, use the edit button if you want to add something to your last post.

- No discussion of Hacks.

- English language: It is required for all posts except for those in Guilds Section.

- Signatures: Only two signatures is allowed. No pornography, racism. It should be not bigger than 400x200/200x400 (userbars 400x20) pixeles, if a moderator sees someone that is breaking this rule, he will remove the signature and give to the member a warning.

- Avatars: The avatar must not contain offensive images like pornography or racism.

- Chatbox: You can't flood the chatbox by spamming it, do not post more than 10 times in a row. English is the only language you can use on it.

Any player that breaks any of the Forum Rules can end up being banned on the Forum and in game plus IP ban, depending on the gravity of the infraction.

Rules are subjected to change at any times and players are responsible to accustom to the changes.