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    Default [Big Event] Draconite Hunter

    Thank you Scarlette for the event banner!
    The "Draconite" Hunter

    Hello Infinitians !

    Welcome to our new exclusive event
    The "Draconite" Hunter !
    This event is exclusively an in game Big Event available for our hardcore infinitians that are very active and they support our server!

    Event description :

    Participants have to hunt for a special new event item called "Draconite" in order to obtain unique rewards not available in webshop or via donate.

    Draconite lore :

    A draconite, also known as a "dragon-stone", was a stone that is extracted from the skull of a deceased dragon. The stone was rather plain-looking: a dark glossy gray. In its raw form it had crystals around it, but even in its raw form part of it often looked polished already.
    How to obtain "Draconite
    " :

    Draconite can be obtained by participating in our new automatic Invasions of Erohim (Kanturu area), Hell Maine(Aida area) and from Ancalagon/Lemulia (Niflheim).
    Invasions occur each of them 4 times / day (6 hours respawn time) Event Duration: 10 minutes.

    Event times GMT+0: 00:30 / 06:30 / 12:30 / 18:30

    Reward list :

    Spoiler for Tier-1 Draconite Uber Sets : (120 draconites):

    Perseus Dragon Slayer Set+Weapon(sword)

    Andromeda Cursed Set+Weapon (bow)

    Seth Dark King Set+Weapon(scepter)

    Ra Creation Set+Weapon(staff)

    Spoiler for Tier-2 Draconite Uber Sets : (240 draconites):

    "Poseidon" Vengeance Set SM+ "Poseidon" Vengeance Staff + "Poseidon" Vengeance Shield

    "Marduk" Babylonian Set BK + "Marduk" Babylonian Sword + "Marduk" Babylonian Shield

    "Cassiopeia Queen" Set ELF + "Cassiopeia" Queen Bow / "Cassiopeia" Queen Sword + "Cassiopeia" Queen Shield

    "Moloch" Sacrifice Set MG + "Moloch" Sacrifice Sword + "Moloch" Sacrifice Shield

    "Thor" Asgard Set DL + "Thor" Asgard Hammer + "Thor" Asgard Shield

    Lemulia's Rudebox

    Drops : All Draconite Sets and Weapons Excellent with up to 2 Options
    All items can be upgraded with Jewel of Excellent up to 3 excellent options.
    Jewel of Ancient capability is still enabled but up to 1 excellent option on item.
    Only possible way to obtain ancient version of these sets is via the Draconite Event, Jewel of Ancient, Land of Trials and Kundun Relics (Kalima 1-7).

    Tier 1 : 120 Draconite Stones

    Tier 2 : 240 Draconite Stones

    How to request your prize :

    After you gather 1/2 full vault of "Draconite stones" (120/240
    pieces) claim you reward by this form here

    Bonus reward :

    Special permanent forum tag for those who collect all Sets!

    Best of luck to all participants! Show us your activity and collect all sets for a surprise reward!

    Brought to you by InfinityMU Staff Team
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