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    Default Game Update 7.4.2017

    Hello friends,

    We have 2 new exclusive updates today and they are as follow:
    1. PVP Battle Event - an PVP Event automated event with nice prizes!
    2. Global Message when someone defeated 1 of 7 Erohim and 1 of 7 Hell Maine in Draconite Hunter Event.
    3. New spots for Draconite Hunter... you gotta find the new spawns of the boss Hell Maine and Erohim - every week they will be updated.

    Battle Event Info:
    Battle Event is an PVP Event, scheduled 3 times per day.
    Event takes place in Server - 1 every day at 8:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM (time zone GMT+2) - Devias PVP Zone.
    Every kill in the event is counting and you can see it at the left corner of your screen with blue message and saving into ranking at website.
    This is yearly PVP Ranking for the Battle Event on our server for The Year of the Rooster — 2017.

    A few notes:

    - Minimum number of 5 registered players for the event to start.
    - Registration works by typing in-game command: /PVP
    - The Event registration is open only for 5 minutes after announced in-game golden message: "Battle Event will start in 5 minutes!"
    - Once you see golden message: "Battle Event has started!" you will be teleported to the battle zone and you gotta kill anyone you see and survive for next 10 minutes.
    - If your character dies upon fight it will respawn within 5 seconds to the battle zone and like that until everyone make the highest Kills Score in time frame of 10 minutes.
    - The player with most kills wins the event and +1 Win to The Battle Ranking and gets automatically classification for the yearly PVP Ranking for Uber Set reward.
    - If you wish to give up from event execute command /unpvp if you already typed /pvp command.

    Event Time time frame is 10 Minutes.
    Event Mission: Kill as much as you can to win the event.
    Event Rules: Free For All Fight.
    Daily Event Prize: 100 Credits.
    Yearly Event Prize: (For Top Players in Top 3) Uber Set by winner's choice!

    All character classes are welcome. Good Luck Infinity PK Maniacs!

    Battle Event Ranking:
    - The ranking is determined by Wins And Kills and ordered by Wins desc!
    - The more wins you make - the more chance to get in top 10 and win an Uber Set!

    Make sure to vote for us every 12 hours and play the events announced by GMs/EMs so that we are excided to work for new updates of the server. Upcoming update will be really awesome. I promise you.

    Thank You,
    The InfinityMU Team

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    Welcome to InfinityMU 100x Edition!
    24/7 Support Email:
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    Vote every 12 hours to make your home server No.1

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