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    Default [Game Update] 8/5/2017

    Hello community!

    We are glad to announce that we successfully updated the game with new exclusive content available only at InfinityMU!


    -New Duel System :
    All players start with 10 points every month
    You win or loose 2 points each game
    If your points drop to 0 "zero" you won't be able duel anymore until points reset the following month
    -New Duel Room Map
    -All duels will take place in the Duel Room and participants will be automatically warped in and out.
    -New HP & SD Bars available in Duel Mode
    -New Map Lightning in Lost Tower & Dungeon for better visibility
    -Points ranking for Duel Participants
    -Character info upon login : Resets/Grand Resets/Duel points

    -New command to display Info about Duel Opponents : /info "character name" . Example : /info RESiSTANT (note: Player must be online)

    -Damage display is now working 100% and the real damage values are shown without the game limit display of 65.535 values. We can now see the real damage values of combos, double damages etc.
    -Blood Castle Reward is not lootable anymore. Rewards will be given directly in your inventory for each member of the party that won the event. Note : Each party member must click the Archangel in order to end the event and get the rewards. If your inventory is full, the reward will drop on the ground.
    -Devias Map Spawn/Respawn points are all close to the vault
    -New welcome messages for all maps
    -BK Damage formula Fixes/Tweaks (small gap implemented between minimum and maximum damage). The BK Damage will vary between multiple values and it won't be a constant damage dealer anymore. Reduced 1 shot combo kills rate.
    -Decrease potions delay in server 3 Odin from 150ms to 100ms
    -New spawns for mobs from Draconite Event
    -New WEB Rankings for Draconite Event
    -Various tweaks and improvements to our anticheat module.
    Small video with the new Duel System and Duel Map:

    Credits to our talented GFX members : [hem]Lelouch[/hem], [smod]Scarlette[/smod] and Heruvim. They worked hard to revamp and retexture the Duel Room Map and Map Welcoming Messages!

    More nice updates comming up! Please vote for us every 12 hours!

    Best regards,
    InfinityMU Staff Team


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    Welcome to InfinityMU 100x Edition!
    24/7 Support Email:
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    Vote every 12 hours to make your home server No.1

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