InfinityMU Season 3 Episode 1

Lucky Top Voters Event


● Make sure to post 2 screenshots, first one showing the captcha code and with the code spelled correctly. Moreover, you have to post one more screenshot which shows the banner on XtremeTop100 and our position there. Both are necessary otherwise your post will be deleted. Also Make sure to take a screenshot of 100x infinitymu (MU Online SEASON 3 [EXP: 100X]) and not the high exp one(INFINITYMU - QUALITY GAMING SINCE 2008)
● DO NOT think to create 2 accounts to vote and win this event.Staff will be checking the accounts and if someone is caught with a second account, both will end up banned. Proxies are not allowed as well!
● You cannot post in this thread every hour. This is actually "cheating" to win this event. You can only vote every 12 hours! It's impossible to make 2 posts in 1 hour because your votes won't count. There will be no warnings for this, forum account will be banned for 1 day. (Max Tolerance: 10 minutes)
● Staff team is NOT allowed to join.
● Questions at Questions Section!
● Attachments are accepted.
● Winner will be chosen at the end of the month.
● Would be helpful if you post each time your posts number in this thread (1st vote, 2nd vote and so on)
Previous months winner CAN NOT join the next month but the month after yes.

In order to win anything you have to make at least 15 votes for the month!


1st place - 2000 Credits
2nd place - 1000 Credits
3rd place - 700 Credits

First place will receive a special rank on our forums called 'Top Voter' (tag: )

How to take screenshots easily?

Download this. Press Capture>Rectangle and then upload them at or wherever you want!

Vote every 12 hours, good luck!
Event Closes when xtremetop site resets thats every 1st of month at 00.00 GMT -8

This is how the post should look

1st Vote