Market place rules

Hello everyone !

When you make thread in the market place please make sure to must follow this format in our Market Place ,users that did not follow this format will receive a Infraction.

You only need to use this Format on the thread's title.

HTML Code:
[Buy] Item Name (Character Name)

[Sell] Item Name (Character Name)

[Trade] Item Name (Character Name)

[Store] (Character Name)

You do not have to include all your character nicks , only the character you are online the most , use the "[Store]" title if you Buy/Sell/Trade lots of items and from different categories.

You may bump your threads once every 24 hours.

You may not spam or write off topic in other people's market threads.You can only post things related to the title.

Bump posts older than a month will be deleted to keep thread cleaner for users. When you update your items, please edit your first post.

You cannot delete your bump post and post another,this is an abuse,if you're caught doing that,you will receive an infraction or ban for spam depending on the number of offense.

PS: When you bought/sold what you wanted please reply in your thread and request our mods to close it so we'll move it to right section faster to prevent spams!

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team